NCG Medical Partners is a Registered Agent for GRP Medical Partners.  Together our goal is to let you know about this technology that can save lives with faster results. This is a Turn-Key program with no capital needed from the hospitals.


  • All equipment needed to perform rapid culture testing is supplied.
  • Logistics are managed, additional clinic support provided, thus adequate supplies are always available to send samples.
  • Management of the samples are overseen during transition from the clinic to the hospital.
  • IT support and tools are prearranged to have results send back to the provider.
  • Physician-to physician training and education provided regarding what is essential for these test to be run.
  • Ongoing training provided regarding medical necessity for testing.
  • Marketing to new physicians and clinics within local region that will send samples to the hospital.
  • Alignment of interest.  We are only paid through collected claims.  We have an unparalleled team of industry specific collectors that are also paid only through performance. Our job is collecting!

Benefits of this Medical Program


Benefits of the Program

  • Turn-Key Program
  • Potential lifesaving intervention due to speed of results.
  • Up to 83 targeted pathogens tested.
  • Test results delivered in 1 hour.
  • Antibiotic stewardship and improved infection control
  • Fewer downstream diagnostic test.
  • Quicker answers can lead to shorter length of stay.
  • A 24 hour toll free 1-800 number for providers to call if any questions about the test.
  • Profits delivered to bottom line at NO COST to hospital.

The Future of Medicine

We believe that rapid syndromic testing will be the industry standard in the very near future.  The system allows the patient to be diagnosed quicker, treated appropriately and get out the door without a reason to return.  It will impact the patient care range from hastening appropriate therapy to decreasing the length of stay.  FDA – cleared FilmArray panels test for viruses, bacteria, parasites, yeast and antimicrobial resistance genes.

medical device testing samples

The Future of Medicine


Rapid Syndromic Testing

scalable configuration for hospitals



What are the Next Steps…

  • Schedule an Appointment:  Due to the demand of our Medical Partners presenting to hospitals throughout the country we ask for a two week advance notice for a one hour appointment with the CEO, CFO and Director of the Hospital Lab at the hospital.  We will fly our Medical Partners into meet face to face with your executive team at your hospital so that you can make an educated decision.  So please provide us with 2-3 windows of time about 2 weeks out in order to properly schedule with all parties.
  • Review Period:  Following the face to face presentation, assuming your hospital agrees to our business model, the next step is for our law firm to send a draft of the agreement.  The legal review time usually takes 7-10 days.
  • Unit is Ordered:  At the conclusion of the legal review period the contract is executed and the unit is then ordered for the hospital.  The Unit is usually delivered within 10 days to the hospital.
  • Lab Training:  After the unit has been confirmed at the hospital we schedule the lab training at the earliest possible window of time.  This is usually completed within 10 days.
  • Licensed Physicians to Physician “Face to Face” Educational Seminars:  Following the lab training, we then schedule our licensed Medical Doctors to have face to face meeting with the local doctors that work with the hospital to create awareness of the unit and the benefits of integrating into each physicians patient care.



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